Some of the AccuStripe folks you talk with on the phone or who do all the behind the scenes work that assures your job is carried out on time every time.

Every one of the employees contributes to the success of the company and for that we are grateful and thank everybody.

All phone calls regarding new work are referred to our staff who has the responsibility to prepare cost proposals. They will obtain plans and specs for new construction and with the assistance of all estimators prepare and submit cost proposals to contractors and customers. There is a lot of paper work involved since we may issue 75 to 100 proposals each month.

Next, we may get word that the proposal is accepted and this can be by a simple phone call or we may be issued a contract. This portion of the work is the responsibility of Ricardo, with assistance from Jeannette. Ricardo has many hats involving scheduling the work, insuring that all supplies, equipment, etc., will be available at the scheduled date. Scheduling the work is not a simple matter since several customers may need their work done at the same time, so it takes a little diplomacy to try to keep all the customers and contractors satisfied.

Preparing materials for each job is Ricardo’s responsibility such as having paint, stencils and other support supplies available. Wayne and Doc will also get involved with special sign assemblies or items requiring their expertise.

Besides assisting Ricardo on day-to-day chores, Jeannette is our contract administrator. We may have over 100 contracts active at any time and each contract, regardless of size, requires tremendous paper work, insuring that the contract matches work as quoted, preparing submittals of all paints, signs, etc., are in conformance with contract plans and specs, checking to see that insurance requirements are met.

After the work is completed in the field Lorraine will prepare documentation involving certified pay on certain contracts requiring these documents prior to receiving payment.

A very important function of keeping equipment in operation is performed by Wayne and Doc. Equipment malfunctions or breakdown can be costly and it is their responsibility to see that machines and vehicles are ready to go. They also perform general maintenance of the buildings and preparing special signs on bollards.

Now we get to the phase of getting the work done. There we rely on our crew chiefs to see that the work is done according to plans and specifications. This may not be a simple matter since quite often the plans don’t match the site and requires ingenuity by conferring with the superintendant to make proper adjustments. Every member of the crews plays an important role in assisting to insure proper completion. We are specifically thankful that we have several exrtra hands who can step in and run a crew when regular crew chiefs are not available. A final function of each crew is to measure and document all units of work upon completion, and this information is submitted to Melina for tabulation and submittal for billing.

Overseeing the entire operation is our office manager, Laurie, with the assistance of Anthony, Melina, Gary, Kenne, Molly, and Lorraine to insure we meet all legal requirements, prepare invoices, payrolls, accounts payable, and other miscellaneous administrative duties. Molly our receptionist is the cheerful voice you hear on the phone when you call Accu Stripe.

Last but not least is the boss, Dan, who has overall responsibility to make the business a success. He has to plan ahead to see what changes need to be made to keep ahead. He also enjoys doing occasional fieldwork.

So you see, it is teamwork of our 36 or so employees, and everyone is important to the success of the company.

We thank all of our employees and customers for contributing to the success of our business for over 38 years.


The Martinez Family


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